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ALPINE SKIING - CHILDREN What is my ski level ?

What is my ski level ? I will sign up to...
I am between 4 and 6 years old and I have never skied. GREEN MOUSE
I have my Green Mouse medal and I can snomplow. BRONZE/BlUE MOUSE
I have my Bronze Mouse (= Teddy Bear at ESF). I go down the easy green and blue slopes in snowplough, I control my speed and can take speed with parallel skis. CRYSTAL
I have my Crystal (Snowflake). I link turns starting with snowplough and finishing with parallel skis in traverse. Blue slopes. BRONZE CRYSTAL
I have my Bronze Crystal (= 1st star at ESF). I know how to skid on a slant and in a traverse. I skid at the end of a turn on parallel skis. I can link elementary turns. SILVER CRYSTAL
I have my Silver Crystal (= 2nd star at ESF). I ski parallel on blue and red runs with ease. I keep my balance when I cross hollows and bumps. VERMILLON CRYSTAL
I have my Vermillon Crystal (= 3rd star at ESF). I can brake by skidding. I link parallel turns with short and medium radius skis (carving). I stop by skidding wherever I want and take speed on Red runs. GOLD CRYSTAL
I have my Gold Crystal (= Bronze star at ESF). I can carve on Red and black slopes and take a lot of speed. I have mastered carving. I can turn on all types of snow and slopes. DIAMOND CRYSTAL
I have my Diamond Crystal and I am older than 12. I can ski anywhere with confidence and balance. RUN